Frequently Asked Questions

We understand hosting, SSL, and security can be a bit confusing.  We will try to answers your questions here.  Otherwise, you can call us and we will explain it!

Basics Questions

Are there contracts?

Never.  We never hold you hostage or demand your business.  We want to build a strong relationship with you; so you will be with us for years to come!

Are there hidden fees?

We are very transparent with our pricing structure.  You will never be charged hidden fees.  We will place you in the appropriate plan and you can upgrade if your website demands more resources.

Will I have FTP access?

Yes, you can create unlimited FTP access.  You will also have access to your File Manager.

Can I move my hosting?

You can move your hosting at anytime.  We can help you move your hosting in the event you wish to relocate your website.

Do I have access to CPanel?

Yes, we give every hosting account CPanel access including FTP accounts. 

Do you host email?

No, we highly recommend GSuites or Microsoft for the highest security emails.  We will integrate them into the DNS settings.

Contact Our Support

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